Hello there. (With apologies to Sir Alec Guinness.)


Hi, I’m Jim and if you hadn’t guessed from my pic, I used to be a wrestler. Been wargaming since I was around 9 years old. Started with Warhammer 40k in around 1993, and after trying my hand with the Space Marines in the starter set and the Orks and Gretchin in the set, I finally settled upon a Space Wolf army. And an Eldar army…and Orks…then Space Wolves again and almost every 40k army that has existed (except Necrons I bloody hate necrons). In the midst of all this I also picked up Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I’ve amassed several large and fairly esoteric (in the sense that nobody wants to purchase them) armies over the years, including a High Elf army that has been constant and contains the oldest figures I currently own.


Space Wolves

There’s also have a large Dogs of War army that I play as a counts as Empire army with its own back story and tales of woe (this was written during quiet moments in my then job as a small shop keeper which often killed time between serving sweets to kids and vodka to alchoholics… (and i never mixed those two up never …ever…OK once but in my defence a spira chocolate bar is a lot less likely to kill you than half a litre of cheap vodka so I was doing the guy an act of kindness really!))


Bolt Action French

It’s fair to say I was a Games Workshop fan boy until about 2012 where I picked up Warlord Games’ fantastic Bolt Action WW2 rules. Having now amassed several armies for this game, I’m now a proud owner of British Royal Marines, French early war, and Brits in the Far East and Burma also with an early war slant. Currently I have two projects on the go; a Japanese SNLF army (my first Axis army for Bolt Action) and an American Battle of the Bulge list made from a mix of the Russian winter plastic range and U.S GI’s – more on that in a later article.




Since the death of Warhammer Fantasy I have been looking into more historical based rules such as Saga (ok so historical here is a stretch but dammit there’s no magic and they poke each other with spears so to me that’s historical!) And possibly War and Conquest, I’m also looking forward to trying one of the WFB offshoots like 9th Age or 8.5 Edition. Big fan of skirmish level games Necromunda being probably my favourite game of all time, and I’m currently working on a warband for Frostgrave, myself and Chalmers are looking at doing a campaign in the new year so keep an eye out for that.

Beginning Frostgrave

Beginning Frostgrave

I’m a solid tabletop standard painter and incredibly tight fisted with money so I try to get as much as I can out of things, so conversion and counts as are common subjects I think about, also come from being an unemployed house husband with 2 kids. I’m also a hobby butterfly and always have 4-5 things on the go to try and decide which to work on when I do get some hobby work done. Gaming for me is very intermittent recently and every game will probably be documented on here usually with another member of this band of reprobates called the Fubarbarians.

Cheers for now and I look forward to contributing regularly to the endeavour.



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