4Ground Damaged Church Build Part 1

Hello. Well apart from my introduction, which i hope you all found interesting, this will be my first post. Well actually it is a review and and build log of a rather nice and large building. Now many of you will know the company 4Ground. You will all know how detailed and easy to assemble their kits are and how they finish off a battlefield/tabletop/game. I myself have many of their kits assembled. Mainly their terraced street kits but also I have the corner store and a few ruins. I saw their Parish Church kit and thought wow that is a nice looking building.  I want it. I then saw the ruined church kit and my mind went into overdrive. I not only wanted it, I needed it! (Told you all in my intro i had a problem)

Box.jpgSo having bought the kit online I waited patiently on the postman/delivery person to do his job. In the mean time I started to think of what I could do with this kit. Was it going to be stand alone so i could place it any where on the table top? Was I going to put it on a base so i could “blend” it into an area so it dandy look like a random ruin dropped in? I liked the sound of that so I started thinking (yes it did hurt at the time). Unfortunately a certain event (Christmas) came just after the delivery arrived so I was forced to postpone the build for a number of days. Bad time management I hear you all say, maybe, however it did give me time to formulate exactly what I was going to do with this great kit.

So with Christmas and Boxing day out of the way I cleared the table of Turkey and unboxed the contents to see what actually I had let myself in for!


Three big bags. That’s not too bad. 1 of pegs and elastic bands the other 2 with all the components.  Then I looked at the instruction sheets!


Now these instructions came in full colour and were very crisp in detail. However 7 sides made my jaw drop, I suddenly realised this is not going to be an afternoon job!

So I gathered the tools that I thought i would need. Obviously PVA glue, I have been asked many times on what glue to use normally I’d answer with PVA or wood glue but for this build I gave 4Grounds own glue a go as it came with a handy nozzle.  As it turns out the nozzle was great at getting the glue exactly where i wanted it.


As you can see from the picture I also used a pair of tweezers and a GW sculpting tool.  What did I use this for? Well 4Ground provide in their sprue little poking sticks to push the components out with, insted of using these I just used the sculpting tool for this job.  Making sure I pushed on the none detail side so I did not ruin any detail. I also used a turntable like the ones you airbrush on not the LP type (ask your parents if you do not know what an LP is).  This was for the build so I did not have to pick it up as often and I could just spin it round when I needed to change sides etc.

So I was all set to start building. Look out for part 2 where I go through some thoughts and pictures on the build itself.

Thanks for reading.



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