Frostgrave Campaign – Tales of the Conclave – Part 1 Backstory

With plans in place for Chalmers and myself to begin our long anticipated Frostgrave campaign and document it on this very blog I thought I would take the week leading up to it to introduce the warband I will be using.

As a starting point I had this plan for the theme of the warband of a wizard and his apprentice as well a couple of members of his warband that were his loyal followers or family retainers. The remainder being the standard mercs for hire that the warbands in the frozen city are seemingly made up of. To this end I have used one tied in and unifying colour on some warband members that fits with the back story I have with my wizards council. 


Jeffafah is his name and he is an elementalist. He is the youngest member of the wizarding council known as The Conclave of Astonishing Wizardly Gentiles and has been dispatched into the frozen city on their orders to bring treasure and knowledge back to share with the conclave. The rules of dress in his order are very specific; a drab nondescript cloak (grey is a common choice but Brown’s and tans are not unknown.) The cloak is to be worn to hide the rest of the wizards garb, which is usually the most outlandish and expensive coloured robes. The wizards of the order are granted these travelling cloaks to allow them to blend into a crowd and not draw the eyes of every passerby, once they have succeeded in their trials and attained the rank of wizard. (How I chose his spells will be in part 2.)


Bear is Jeffafah’s first apprentice, as is customary, he has adopted his masters robe colours as his own. However he has not earned his cloak meaning this large bearded beast of a man walks around in a bright purple robe and tunic almost daring a confrontation. Many have attempted it, as even though they are often benevolent wizards they are regarded with superstition and fear by most, not a single man has walked away from such a confrontation under their own power. Even a mere apprentice has power that men can only dream of.

(Apologies for the lack of a picture he is the only member of the band to be unpainted, this will be remedied before the first game sadly not before the publishing of this article.)

The House Guard


These are part of the conclaves personal guard two grim twin brothers with many years of service to the wizards they are tasked to follow. Elv with his double-handed sword is the younger of the two. Zwulph being older by exactly one minute. Although that minute crossed the border from the 11th to the 12th of the month giving them their names and proving their parents had a sense of humour to say the least. He is armed with a large well maintained halberd with an unusually extravagant handle. The purple fetishes they carry in the halberd leather work and the cowl that Elv wears marks them as personal guard of Jeffafah.


Known as Tim to his friends and Tim to everyone else (although his mother calls him Timotay as he was born with a head full of hair) again marked as in service to the wizard by his fancy bright purple scarf. Hired for being willing to point a crossbow at any target and retained for his ability to hit that target.


The Rabble


Axe and Smash

Hired mercs straight from a tavern on the outskirts of Felstad. One has an axe, one has a club. They do exactly what it says on the tin and I wouldn’t get too attached. Brown breeches and dark coloured clothing hides the mud and pee stains they will inevitably accrue when being thrown mercilessly at the largest and moat fearsome denizens of the frozen city, as well as the sweat stains from lugging heavy treasure chests back to base while others grab the glory of honourable combat. If a jobs worth doing get some one else to do it. If its menial, doesn’t pay well or it will almost certainly end in death call up the Z team.


Robyn and Bill.

Picked up by Jeffafah on the recommendation of Tim when he saw them taking pot shots at the apples of a nearby tree that was swaying rather violently in the wind. After telling them he would hire the greater of the two, Tim proposed a contest and after four solid hours of archery skill with neither being able to out shoot the other, Tim decided to hire both. They have rather an aggressive rivalry and have taken to taking arrows with very different colours to claim their kills. Currently the tally is dead even and they have even started claiming extra credit for spectacularly accurate shots. Groins being the most sought after!

Rowlf the Warhound

Found by Bear one night rooting through the waste outside the same tavern where they found Axe and Smash. Fairly easy to tempt with a few scraps of meat. Once befriended he has become staunchly loyal to Bear and has protected him several times from different creatures up to and including an ice troll. Hates Smash though, no one is entirely sure why.



And that’s the whole warband, sans a picture of Bear of course. In part two I will discuss the choices I have made regarding school, spell and warband member choices.


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