Frostgrave Campaign – Arendelle’s Defenders – Part 1 Backstory

So we’ve seen Jim’s great looking warband ahead of the start of our Frostgrave campaign, so it’s time for me to introduce you to my sorry looking crew! For anyone who’s not a fan of the Disney smash-hit Frozen then I apologise right now because I’ve used the great female elementalists that bare an uncanny resemblance of Elsa and Anna from the film. So I thought it would be fitting to have them leading my warband into the campaign. So without further ado, here’s the backstory of Arendelle’s Defenders…


Wizard and Apprentice

While the lures of treasure and trinkets are enough to grab the attention of many a mercenary and opportunist, the powerful wizard and her apprentice sister were here in Felstad on a separate quest. Granted the subject of treasure was still high on their agenda but it was a specific item of significance that the duo had set out to discover.

Before Felstad became a ghost-town this was a vibrant and bustling city; merchants from all across the continent flocked to sell their wares while noblemen and dignitaries were more than happy to discuss the politics and taxes of the neighbouring lands in the great halls. The kingdom of Arendelle, birthplace and reigned by the Sisters’ parents was a victim of these negotiations and a ‘tax’ to cement the security and safety of their land was imposed.

The corruption that lined the deep pockets of the fat cats of Felstad was apparent. There was no way the King and Queen could afford this tax, but they needed to somehow pay up if they were to maintain safe passage for trade routes and to keep tranquillity in Arendelle. After all with the secret of two magical daughters in their house they couldn’t afford for something so valuable to become well known. So they opened the vaults to the noblemen of Felstad, let them fill their bags with the valuable wares and pillage the history of this once great kingdom. But among the items stolen was the lineage of Elsa and Anna’s family, a book that dated back hundreds of years, every member of their family was recorded inside and most importantly proof of their monarchy was all detailed inside. If this book every fell into the wrong hands then they could overthrow the current rightful heirs claiming themselves as the future Kings and Queens of Arendelle.

Now with Felstad abandoned and looters, warbands and other wizards venturing forth in search of treasure, the sisters must go in search of their heritage and find the book of Arendelle before anyone else. But they cannot do this alone, while they in themselves are powerful witches they need muscle and expendable bodies from the Arendelle army to help in their quest into Felstad…


Man at Arms – Roland

A personal member of the princesses family, Roland has served the King and Queen of Arendelle for most of his life. While not the most skilled or well-equipped soldier he swore an oath to uphold and protect the future heirs of Arendelle and while the witches are exploring Felstad, this is exactly what he’ll do. Normally on the quiet guard duties of the wall or inside the keep guarding one of the great halls, Roland is relishing the chance of actual action. He’s known the princesses since they were little girls and are well aware of their powers, the King has instructed him to keep the sisters safe and Roland will guard these girls as if they were his own.


Crossbowman – Eriksson

Like Roland, Eriksson has been a part of the Arendelle inner-sanctums for as long as people can remember. Once a nimble and accurate marksman with a bow, age has taken its toll on Eriksson and he is now equipped with a deadly crossbow. Once inside Felstad it’s guaranteed that Eriksson will make every bolt from the crossbow count, he may look old and frail but there’s still life in the old dog yet.

Archers – Henrick and Yuri

These two archers are a part of the Arendelle army and are some of the best marksman in their regiment. Despite both of their reputations the duo are very down to earth and humble. Any kill they have committed they have prayed for the souls of their enemy before releasing their arrows. Both Henrick and Yuri have been friends since they were kids in Arendelle and throughout the years they’ve taught each other tricks and techniques with their bows and quivers. Initially it was just Yuri who was selected to venture forth into Felstad but the moment the news broke Henrick offered up his services


Thief – Rife

Was holed up in the Arendelle prison for trying to steal the last remaining jewels of the Kingdom. Managed to sneak past all the guards only to be thwarted by the sisters who had to use their magic to stop him escaping. Now he knows their secret he couldn’t be released with fear of telling everyone else in the Kingdom of the witches. As Elsa and Anna prepared for their quest to Felstad to recover their family deeds they knew that if certain situations arose they’d need a well-trained thief to sneak in and steal for them. In exchange for his freedom Elsa and Anna bargained with the thief, known as Rife, to go on this expedition and promised once they had reclaimed what was rightfully theirs he was a free man, pardoned for his crimes. The agreement of whatever treasure he found was his was the main bargaining tool though.


Thugs – Bram and Knux

As Elsa and Anna were leaving Arendelle with their small force to tackle Felstad they were stopped at the gates by Bram and Knux. These low-life peasants would normally not be seen with the likes of the Arendelle guard but desperate times call for desperate measures, the stories of gold and treasures makes even the most opportunistic of men to take note. The duo offered up their services to the princesses, they explained they knew the risks and they didn’t want any pay, just a share of the treasure they may find down the line. Despite the hesitations and warnings by both Roland and the archers, Henrick and Yuri, the princesses understood the need for force in numbers. This duo won’t be setting the world alight with their skills but they still wear the colours of Arendelle for the adventure they’re all about to embark on.

So here we go, Sunday is the kick off even of the Campaign and I cannot wait. Here’s a final group shot of the warband, after a couple of games I’m sure it’ll be looking a lot different as numerous mercenaries and characters are introduced throughout.

2016-01-07 22.35.42

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