Romanian WW2 painting guide (kind of)

When researching the Romanian Army in World War 2 I came across very few painting guides so I’ve decided to do my own.  If nothing else I at least will be able to access it myself if I lose my painting book!

I will say very little of this is my own work, I got advice from Andy Singleton at Volley Fire Painting and Painting War 3 (authored by Claudia Zuminich) and mainly that’s where I got it from.  I’ll not reproduce the Painting War information, simply provide the page numbers.  I can recommend it though, even the little bit I’ve used has been massively helpful.  I may even get the others when I get a chance.

So I’ll start with the Painting War 3 parts:

Flesh (page 12) trying to get the two brush blending technique right!

Leather (page 28) although I am experimenting with changing the base colours)

Wood (page 25) like the leather I’m starting to experiment with different base colours for this.

Hair (page 18)

Now the chunk of the models, these are done in any of three uniform palettes to signify whether it’s Romanian, German or Russian.  I’ve tried to mix them up a bit to signify a later war force using what they can.  One thing I have decided on is to paint the helmets all the same colour to help tie them together.

German uniforms

  • Basecoat – Russian Uniform (Vallejo Model Color (VMC) 924 position* 94)
  • Wash – Games Workshop Seraphim Sepia
  • 1st highlight – Green Grey (VMC 886 pos 101)
  • 2nd highlight – Pastel Green (VMC 885 pos 109)

Russian Uniform

  •  Basecoat – Middlestone (VMC 188 pos 118)
  • Wash – GW Seraphim Sepia
  • 1st Highlight – Middlestone + Light Sand (VMC 837 pos 007)
  • 2nd Highlight – as 1st highlight with extra Light Sand

Romanian Uniform

  • Basecoat – English Uniform (VMC 921 pos 141)
  • Wash – GW Seraphim Sepia
  • 1st Highlight – German Camo Pale Brown (VMC 825 pos 144)
  • 2nd Highlight – Khaki (VMC 988 pos 115)



  • Basecoat – Reflective Green (VMC 890 pos 90)
  • Wash – GW Seraphim Sepia


  • Basecoat – Khaki (VMC 998 pos 115)
  • Wash – Brown Glaze (VMC 854 pos 204)
  • Drybrush – Stone Grey (VMC 884 pos 104)

And that’s it really, I’m doing my best to get them done better and quickly so I’m not going overboard on details but I still like the.  I have other stuff on my own blog Dom’s Dodgy Dice so you can always have a look there.  Hopefully this will be of some help!


*position relates to where the paint is stored in the Vallejo paint racks, I store mine like this so I’m putting the numbers here incase I need to refer to this again!

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