Japanese 2cm rocket scratch build.



Japanese_Type_4_20_cm_Rocket_Mortar_with_a_20_cm_shellShort article about my scratchbuild of a Japanese SNLF type 4 2cm rocket launcher.

The Japanese used a lot of conventional and unconventional weapons. One of the most versatile was the 20mm (2cm) rocket launchers. It’s described by the Bolt Action Armies of Imperial Japan as a heavy mortar equivalent. It’s versatility came from the ability to fire it in almost any circumstance, either a bipod mounted tube launcher, or wheeled gun carriage all the way down to a simple piece of pipe or some sloped ground. There were larger 4cm (40mm) that had their own launching structure made from wooden rails.
My take on this weapon is a revetment with two wooden launch rails. And was a super simple conversion.
The parts I used were:
2 lengths of metal sprue from the Warlord Games SNLF metal heads snipped and filed.
Rounded sprue from a 1/72 airfix hurricane kit.
Dry floral foam (the type used for fake flowers)
Warlord Japanese, US and British plastic kit for crew.
25mm and 40 mm flat round bases.

I began by cutting and shaving the floral foam into a rough shape that covered half the 40mm base. I then trimmed it into a slope on the back edge and covered the whole thing in watered down polyfilla. .


I then added the two rails to an indented place on the slope leaving a small gap of a couple of mm.


I took the rounded sprue and cut off a small section. I didn’t measure it perfectly just eyeballed it until ”looked about right” to make the rocket itself. Placed one on the rails ready to fire and one in the hands of a crew member.


I positioned the crew on the 40mm base but didn’t have room for all 4 miniatures so decided the gent with the next rocket (round?) Would be running with it, telling a small story.

I used what I’m assuming is the air/artillery observer from the Japanese metal command blister as a spotter. All that’s required is a lick of paint and it’s ready for the table top.


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